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All Pets and Birds are shipped with Formula Couriers through-out Namibia.

Quality Farmers, Quality Products

Farmers work hard to deliver the best possible produce, pets or breeding stock.

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Who, What and Why

Who are we?

At LC Birds & Pets, we’re not just about transactions; we’re about fostering lifelong relationships. Our dedicated team shares your passion for pets, ensuring that every interaction is filled with care and expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned pet owner or embarking on a new journey, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Dive into the world of LC Birds & Pets and embark on a journey filled with exceptional pets, premium products, and boundless passion. Discover the perfect companion or the finest pet products that align with your values and enrich your life.

What we offer?

Experience the excitement of our unique auction platform. Our online auctions bring together a diverse community of pet enthusiasts, offering a curated selection of exquisite pets that meet our high standards. Bid with confidence, knowing that each pet has been vetted for health, temperament, and quality.

Explore more than just pets at LC Birds & Pets. Our diverse catalogue includes an array of offerings, from beautiful bird rings to other captivating items that will pique your interest. We’re more than a marketplace – we’re a hub of discovery for all things pets and beyond.

Why choose us?

At LC Birds & Pets, we have a simple yet powerful focus: connecting pet lovers with the finest companions and pet products. Our commitment to quality is at the heart of everything we do. Whether you’re searching for a new furry friend or seeking premium pet products, you’ve come to the right place.

Become a part of our thriving community of pet enthusiasts. Connect with fellow pet lovers, share stories, and stay informed about the latest auctions, products, and offerings. Together, we’re creating a world where pets are celebrated and cherished.

Welcome to LC Birds & Pets – where every pet has a story, and every pet lover finds a home.

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Once you complete the registration on our website, you gain immediate access to the ability to place bids on any product you desire. There's no waiting period, so you can start bidding right away!


Achieve victory effortlessly in our auction and relish the joy of owning your dream product once the bidding comes to a close.

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